Different Kinds Of Earrings Are Introduced

Earrings: ornaments made of metal or jade worn on the earlobes. Earrings can be made of metal, plastic, glass, gems, and other materials. Some are looped, some are dangled, and some are grainy. The weight and size of earrings are limited by the human body’s ability to bear them. Some people who are used to wearing heavy earrings will find that the beads and holes are elongated over time.

An earpiece is worn on the earlobe. Rich in shape, wear mainly women, individual men also have to wear. There are usually three ways to wear it: through the ear hole; The earlobe clamped with a reed; Or fixed with a screw. Earrings can show certain customs, beliefs, status, wealth, etc., to some extent.

1. Hoop earrings

A big 360-degree circle, with a slit in the middle, through the ear piercing. In ancient China, there has been a ring-shaped earring made of notched jade rings, known as jade penannular. Some scholars believe that a very large ear piercing is required, and some believe that it is pinchlike.

2. Clip and magnet earrings

For the convenience of those who do not have pierced ears, some round hoop earrings are designed to be clip-on and hold the bead. Granular or studded earrings generally cannot be designed to be clipped, so they need to take advantage of the properties of magnets to hold the beads. A magnet earring consists of an outer earring with a magnet attached to it, and an inner mini magnet with opposite magnetic properties that hold the ear bead securely.

3. Silicone earrings

Instead of clamping the ear, the earrings use friction between the silicone and the skin to keep them in place. Compared to other clip-on earrings, which are prone to pain to clamp, silicone earrings are unlikely to hurt.