Teach You To Choose The Right Earrings

Among all the jewelry, earrings are the most obvious and important part of the face. Therefore, the correct choice and wearing of earrings is a very important beauty knowledge. As with the principles introduced in the previous section, earrings should mainly be worn in harmony with the face shape, skin tone, body type, and clothing, and used, to achieve the best beauty effect.

1. Choose earrings for your face

Square face shape: suitable for wearing a pair of round, oblong, key shapes, so that you can buffer the edges of the face shape. Do not wear square, triangular, or square earrings with horns. A rounded face; Wearing a corner shape, “zigzag”, leaf shape, and pointed pendants can cause a sense of slenderness, and make people appear elegant. Heart-shaped face: Wear a triangle, or a big circle to form a pincer ring, so that the face shape and earrings appear harmonious.

2. Choose earrings for skin tone

Pale skin: You can choose earrings in a brighter color, such as bright red, dark purple, brown, or red. This skin tone – the choice of earrings color room is relatively large, most tones of earrings can get a better decorative effect. Bronzer: Wear lighter, lighter earrings, such as ivory, cream agate, pale green moonstone, or light purple crystal. Yellow skin tone: wear a variety of silver earrings, white gold, and alloy earrings better. Darker skin tone: Opt for silver earrings. Gold earrings look great on all skin tones. They are a mild, warm color with a sense of purity, brightness, and richness. Pearl’s color also matches any skin tone, white skin, or any other color, pearl earrings will work the same way.

3. Choose earrings for temperament

Everyone’s living environment and education are different, cultivate temperament is different, so we should choose our earrings, otherwise not only can not give others beauty but will give others the feeling of a monkey, give others a pure feeling, must wear the kind of decoration is not a lot of earrings, give others the feeling of wealth, must wear the kind of high-end earrings.