Which Pearls Are More Collectible?

Pearl is the “jewel queen”, but everyone can afford to wear the people’s jewelry. Rather than envy others who can always buy high-quality and inexpensive pearls, it is better to follow me to learn the purchasing skills of pearls, find out what kind of pearls are worth buying, and then become the envy of others!

With the eyes: pearls have natural five colors of light, in a necklace, its size, and shape will also have differences with the hand touch: see is greasy or clear? Is it warm or cool? Pearl’s hands feel cool and cool. Bite with your mouth: If you can’t identify anymore, bite with your mouth. Real pearls have the feeling of sand, but you can’t bite the glass ball. Real pearls are lightly scratched with a knife. The imitation pearl is just a skin.

Which pearls are more collectible?

1. North Sea Pearl

The pearl produced in Beihai is famous at home and abroad for its dignified and solid, large and round, glittering and dazzling, and lasting luster.

2. Tahiti Pearl

The cultivation of Tahiti pearls is difficult. The process of cultivating pearl oysters is long and prone to death. Due to the influence of weather and water quality, the finished product is very rare.

3. Nanyang Gold Pearl

The yield of Nanyang gold pearls is very rare, concentrated gold yield is less than 3%, champagne gold yield is less than 5%, and the growth time of a gold pearl is 5-7 years, is the rare aristocrat of pearls.

From the selection of the Rectangular Pearl Necklace to the design, from the design to the finished product, every link is strictly checked by professional designers with more than 10 years to ensure that each piece is a high-quality one.