Common Sense About Wearing Earrings

Many women are confused by ear piercing inflammation, there are also many women because of fear of inflammation, and fear of ear piercing inflammation is divided into several situations, some ear piercing abscesses, some swollen like a bag, more because of a few months have not completely healed the relationship good maintenance after ear piercing is very important, do not let ear piercing inflammation again trouble the love of beauty you, Show your fashion, challenge your personality, let’s show different colors together.

1. The best time to get your ears pierced

The best time to get your ears pierced is in late March and late September each year when the weather is just right, neither too hot nor too cold. Other times it’s either too cold or too hot for ear repair.

2. Change the frequency of stud earrings

Don’t listen to people who say they can change their ears after three days. It doesn’t grow back easily and can lead to inflammation. Personal experience: Be sure to remove the stud when you turn it and have no bad feeling, about a month, you must be careful when piercing the ear with sensitive skin because according to scientific principles, the skin in the ear is the ablest to detect a person’s real skin if the inflammation is serious, you must go to the hospital in time.

3. Ear piercing medication

Some MM think never use aureomycin eye ointment, to keep the ear piercing fresh, but if not, the abscess from the ear piercing will stick the ear piercing and the ear stud, turn the stud, and the original wound is broken, this is simply a vicious cycle, in fact, as long as the ear needle (is earrings), with a little aureomycin, then wear it, personally think erythromycin effect is better, Of course, the price is a little more expensive.