How To Pick Out Leggings

People buy leggings, but are they getting good ones? Some leggings are not only aesthetically unattractive, but also particularly uncomfortable, either out of gear or down, or not good quality.

  1. Keep your undergarments safe first

According to the national hygiene standards for clothing and other textiles, textiles are divided into three categories: A, B, and C, which are baby products, products directly in contact with the skin and products not directly in contact with the skin. Leggings belong to close-fitting clothing, and it is best to choose products with Class B standards and above.

  1. The selection of leggings should first look at the material

To achieve the slim-fit effect, many leggings have good elasticity, but if they don’t, they will either be too tight and fall out of gear, or they will be too loose and look fat. The elasticity of leggings comes mainly from the spandex in the material. Leggings containing a lot of spandex, if relatively poor quality, can easily irritate the skin, increase the risk of skin allergies, and for people with chilblains, may lead to chilblains. From a health point of view, of course, it is better to choose more comfortable cotton leggings.

  1. leggings must fit well

In the work of leggings, one is to see the waist design and choose elastic feet, it is best to have a wider design of the waist mouth, wearing will be more comfortable, also not easy to have marks. To test the elasticity of the waist, just grab both ends and stretch to see if the resilience is good, and the elasticity is better if it is easy to stretch and bounce back. Secondly, to see whether the stitching is neat, there is no loose line, which determines whether the leggings are beautiful and comfortable. Finally, leggings must fit well. Girls should not think that leggings are stretchy and can be worn by fat or thin.

Good luck finding the leggings you like!