How To Choose A Down Jacket

A down jacket is a must in winter. It keeps the heat better than other clothes. There are a variety of down jackets on the market now, and their quality varies. When buying a down jacket, how to choose a down jacket becomes crucial thing.

Today I would like to share with you some tips for choosing a down jacket. You can choose a comfortable and warm down jacket by mastering these aspects.

1. look at the label

The label is the most important basis to understand whether a down jacket is comfortable and warm. The general label will indicate the content, filling amount, and stuffing.

Lint content refers to the proportion of lint in the down jacket. Now on the market, the proportion of most down jackets is between 70% and 90%, such 90% refers to the content of velvet is 90%, and feathers account for 30%. Velvet keeps you warmer and looser than feathers. General down jacket content is more than 70%, wearing more fluffy and warm.

2. with the hand

The higher the content of the down jacket, the better the variability. If the content of feathers is high, it will affect the shagginess and variability, so we can pinch down the jacket by hand. If there is a lot of hair, so the feather content is too high, the thermal performance will be poor. If you can’t rub the wool rod, the filler may not be down after all.

3. the degree of unkempt

The puffer is the most direct expression of the appearance of a down jacket. Fold the down jacket to press, and then release, if in a short time to quickly restore the original state, indicating a high degree of unkempt, high energy. If it takes a long time to restore the original state or it is very difficult to restore the original state, it indicates that the content is low and the shagginess is not high.

The above will help you choose the right down jacket.