How Do I Carry A Shoulder Bag?

A shoulder bag is a backpack that uses one shoulder to hold up the weight of the backpack. It comes in two forms, one is a single shoulder bag, and the other is called a crossbody bag. With the improvement of people’s living standards, shoulder bags are more and more popular with women. Some shoulder bags back good-looking, but there are more embarrassing backs, so today to share:

How do I carry a shoulder bag? I hope I can help you.

1. single shoulder back method,

When carrying a single shoulder, we should pay attention to the length of the belt. The belt should not be too long. If it is too long, it will appear a little dilatory and not very good-looking.

2. shoulder exchange backpack,

Back shoulder bag if it is a shoulder for a long time, it will make the shoulder muscles more tired, but also easy to lead to shoulder asymmetry, so like a shoulder bag friend, in the back of a shoulder bag, often shoulder alternating back, arm in arm.

3. diagonal straddle back method,

The shoulder bag back can also be slanted across the back, in men is a very common back method, if the female clothing is relatively thin, do not use a crossbody bag shoulder bag, will show the chest effect, and is not good at all. Women can be carried on one shoulder, elbow joints slightly bent, and at the same time with the hand on the strap of the bag, such a back method can show feminine elegance, and add a feminine taste.

But in fact, now the shoulder bag design has been more and more convenient, and simple, the shoulder strap can be adjusted arbitrarily in length. This saves us a lot of unnecessary trouble when using. When you choose your favorite, personalized bag, you can also follow your own heart to carry it. Because at the end of the day, fashion is always about who you are, not who you are.