How To Choose A Waterproof Backpack?

A waterproof bag, as the name suggests, is a bag with a waterproof function, usually used in swimming, outdoor travel, and other outdoor activities, because of good waterproof function, so you can rest assured to put items into it, then good waterproof bag fabric. Waterproof bag material mainly has the following three kinds: PU material, this cloth can prevent splashing water or light rain when the water pressure is 2000-4000mm. PVC material, PVC waterproof bag is made of polyethylene resin and has strong waterproof performance. TPU material, TPU material refers to thermoplastic polyurethane cool elastomer, with environmental protection, beauty, softness, and other characteristics is a good material for making waterproof bags.

So how to choose a waterproof backpack?

1. Size

When choosing a waterproof backpack, the first thing to consider is its size, requiring a large enough capacity to hold all the necessary swimming equipment, but it should be convenient enough to carry, and light enough. Pay attention to the purchase of a waterproof backpack to choose a capacity that your swimming equipment needs slightly larger capacity, do not fill the backpack, to avoid easy damage.

2. Appearance style

The appearance style of a swimming waterproof bag can be optional, can be a player bag or shoulder bag, or backpack, but also according to their preferences to choose the right color and pattern, no special requirements, see what you like on the line

3. Functional design

Choose the right style and size, and then is more waterproof bag function design, good waterproof backpack bag is easy to organize, and equipment easy to access, pack, unloading, some points to pay attention to include: the main with how many layers, compartment design is the top strap type or pull open, small pockets or waterproof bag when the flat habit is convenient, the number of side bags and configuration of the situation light