What Are The Forms Of Practical Shoebox Bag Design?

In daily life, we may consume one pair of shoes every month, and the uses of shoes are varied, including sports shoes, outdoor mountaineering shoes, leisure and fitness shoes, party fashion shoes, regular commuting shoes, and so on. Whether it is style or function, shoes can have too many selling points. And the replacement frequency of new and old clothing consumer goods is relatively high. This association to dress up these shoes shoe boxes is also a worthy business to carefully consider the design project, under normal circumstances, practical shoe box packaging design has what form?

1. Shoe boxes can be used to pack: women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoes, sports shoes, dance shoes, labor protection shoes, etc.

2. Processing technology of shoe box: thick board pasting, single board pressing film, corrugated paper pasting.

3. Structural modeling of shoe box: folding world cover type, drawer type, finished world cover type, shaking cover type, etc.

From the perspective of market trends in recent years, a folding shoe box with a world cover type is favored by sports shoe brands. This kind of shoe box is simple and practical in design. When not in use, the whole shoe box can be disassembled and spread out into a flat plate, which is convenient for stacking and storage. It also reduces storage costs by at least 10% during transportation. In addition, taking into account the needs of humanity, more and more shoe manufacturers will be the folding world cover type shoe box design has been slightly improved, the original physical design to a transparent shoe storage box, which is greatly convenient for consumers to display shoes have the most intuitive viewing effect, saving the time and energy consumed in the process of selecting shoes. is a classic example of a modern practical shoe box design.