The Latest Wallet Shopping Tips

Wallets are mainly used to hold money, and we all carry some cash in our bodies for daily use. If the cash is not packed with money and put in the pocket alone, it will not only appear messy but also easy to lose. It is better to put it in the wallet neatly and safely. When buying wallets, because there are so many kinds of wallets on the market, such as square, round, long, leather, canvas, and so on, all kinds of wallets make consumers don’t know where to choose.

The latest wallet shopping tips

1. Recognize genuine leather signs and signs to check whether the goods have trademarks, factory names and addresses, and certificates of qualification. Imported genuine leather products should be marked.

2. Wallet is commonly used, naturally with practicality as the highest principle, in the choice of wallet, no matter the style, quality, brand, the number of layers loaded card enough, the interval inside, etc., should be the focus of consideration.

3. Compared with a simple coin purse, the integrated style of key bag and coin purse is more suitable for you who is practical. It can store small items such as keys and coins, and also fits the image of modern women. Men’s purse to dark leather material, style to simple and generous appropriate! If it is a man with a bag who can choose a rectangular purse, if it is a purse in a trouser pocket, you can choose a wallet with money in it! Don’t choose too high a price is too wasteful, also don’t buy too cheap to sell.

The metal part of the wallet, such as the pull ring, button, key hook, etc., must see whether its gilding is intact. Generally speaking, copper products are not easy to rust and fade. The seam of the wallet should pay attention to whether it is tight, but note that when it is too tight, it will also pull the whole leather tight, and cause the rupture of the wallet.