The Role Of Makeup Remover

Some people know that makeup remover is important, but they don’t know what it does. The following introduction to the effect of makeup remover, I hope to help you.

1. Makeup remover helps acne surface

The oil in the makeup remover works in concert with the emulsifier, and the massage will allow the pimples to come out slowly. The higher the emulsifier, the better the pimples will come out. But you should also know that pimples are not made of pure oil, but of “oil” and “keratin”, so when the emulsifier in the makeup remover washes the oil out of the pores, The remaining keratin will combine with the subsequent oil, and the acne will reappear. However, there are some benefits to using makeup remover to combat acne.?

2. Makeup remover can remove blackheads from the tip of your nose.

The blackhead on the nose is due to the accumulation of strong secreted oil in the pores, the oil becomes hard after oxidation and blocked in the pores to form blackheads. Through massage, the emulsifier in the makeup remover can emulsify the oil in the pores at the same time, and try to take away the oil in the pores. The method is to use makeup remover on the whole face, then apply the makeup remover on the key parts with blackheads, and massage it carefully for about 5 minutes, so that the clogged sebum in the pores dissolves and comes out with the oil.

3. Makeup remover to shrink pores for deep cleansing

The acne, blackhead, and other emulsification in the pore, the pore clean will naturally become smaller, just remember, after the use of unloading liquid to use the pore convergence lotion effect is better. The unique emulsification effect of makeup remover upon contact with water can not only make the dirt on the face float quickly but also quickly clean the dirt hidden in the pores that cannot be cleaned by ordinary cleansers.