Don’t Miss Dior Lip Balm In Your Life

If every woman must have lip balm all her life, it must be Dior´╝î As a woman who goes out with a plain face or light makeup in daily life, some lipstick is really difficult to apply because the makeup will be disharmonious´╝î However, if there is no color on the lips, the whole person looks bad. At this time, it can not only save your choice difficulty but also help you to look good without makeup.

What kind of magic does this lipstick I highly recommend have

1. Moisturizing care

It can lighten lip lines and nourish lips, with No pulling out, and no lip wrinkles, Rich in Damascus rose essential oil, vitamins, and shea butter, The gel component replaces the traditional wax, and it is lighter and thinner when applied on the lips. Especially in winter, the lips are often dry and peeling. With it, you can apply it before going to bed. In the morning, your lips are very moist and comfortable.

2. Customized lip color

Smart color-changing technology, lip color changes with temperature, skin color, PH value, etc, Just painted with a light color, the color will become darker and darker, which can change according to the body temperature, Can keep makeup on all morning, It will make you look much better.

3. Popular lip balm color number

If you don’t know what color to choose when buying for the first time, I recommend 001 pink, which is more versatile, no matter whether you are in your twenties or thirties, No. 001 is more suitable for people with white skin, No.004 Temperament Orange is suitable for people with yellowish skin or dark skin, Gentle, restrained and energetic, lively people must choose it. No.005 lilac purple is more suitable for people whose lips are not too dark.

It is both good-looking and easy to use. It is a very good choice whether for personal use or as a gift.