What Does Lotion Do

The lotion is a skin care product that protects and moisturizes the skin. The skin needs to retain water. Generally speaking, Lotions are suitable for oily and combination skin and are year-round moisturizers. The lotion is a skin care product. It’s a liquid form of makeup. For oily skin and combination skin, it has a good moistening effect and moisturizing effect. The lotion is an essential product in the process of daily basic skin care. People use it to hydrate and moisturize the skin, to achieve the effect of skin care and wrinkle removal.

What does Lotion do

1. Moisturize your skin

The moisturizing lotion moisturizes the skin effectively. It contains a moisturizing factor to help moisturize the skin, plus it contains a formula to give the skin deep moisture. Ideal for dry weather when skin moisture loses speed.

2. Moisturize your skin

The lotion is a great moisturizer. Moisturizing lotion is rich in urea and glycerin, which can absorb several times its own water in the air and form a skin protective film to effectively prevent the loss of water. The long-lasting moisturizing oil-in-water formula keeps the skin moist and bright

3. Smooth skin

Lotion can help smooth and smooth skin effectively. The use of lotion can be quickly absorbed by the skin, avoiding the rough and fine lines of the body skin that is too dry so that the skin can be delicate and smooth. In particular, the addition of milk ingredients moisturizing lotion to smooth the skin better.

When is the best time to use body lotion? Cleansing your skin with a shower, exfoliating your skin, and then applying lotion immediately after you dry your body is a great way to help your skin retain moisture, moisturize dry skin, and replace the water it loses every day. With a natural moisturizing factor that strengthens its natural moisturizing layer from the inside, the lotion quickly moisturizes the skin deeply and restores it to softness, lubrication, and radiance.