How To Exfoliate

There are a lot of people with enlarged pores, especially many women, which is a big worry. In summer, they dare not wear clothes that are too exposed. If the pores are enlarged, they will form a small protruding pimple, which looks very ugly. Only exfoliating can solve this problem, so how to exfoliate?

1. Bathe in salt.

Salt has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, and also has the effect of oil control and exfoliating. You can choose to buy some bath salt to take a bath so that you can remove the horny skin very well. However, when you use it, you must insist on it. You can go to the drugstore to buy some ointment to apply, which can promote keratin exfoliation, inhibit keratin synthesis, and help the normal differentiation of keratin cells, which can significantly improve the skin. In peacetime also should pay attention to skin moisturizing, if the skin is too dry will aggravate the pore thick.

2. Control the water temperature of the bath.

Some people like to use too hot water to take a bath, which is not good for the skin, too hot water will wash away the oil of the skin, and evaporate the skin moisture, so be sure to use a mild water temperature to take a bath, after taking a bath to use some moisturizing cream to moisturize, otherwise, the skin horny situation will become worse.

3. Reasonable cleaning of grease

Large pores are also related to strong oil endocrine, so we must be reasonable to clean up the oil, after cleaning should have moisturizing care, if there has been a situation of enlarged pores, you can use some skin-tight maintenance products. Due to the growth of age, pore relaxation will also cause the pore to continue to open, in the usual pore convergence work is still necessary. When the pores are thick, you can also use some bb cream. bb cream can adjust the skin tone, protect the skin from the sun, and fine the pores. The effect is very good, and it can create good skin.