How To Clean Different Handbags

Handbags after some time, it will inevitably be contaminated with different stains, so the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, to extend the service life of the handbag. Generally speaking, a cloth handbag can be dry-cleaned or washed, a leather handbag should not be cleaned by itself, and should be cleaned by a professional handbag shop. Handbags in the process of use should also pay attention to maintenance, not for a long time, the application of non-woven bag preservation, next to understand it

How to clean different handbags

1. Cloth bag

Cloth handbag generally has canvas, nylon, and cotton these several materials, generally speaking, cloth bag can be dry-cleaned or washed. If it is more stripes, color more bright cloth bag must be dry-cleaned, otherwise, it will fade. Cloth bag can use white vinegar or salt water to clean dirt, clean remember to put it on the balcony to dry, do not dry it after put back in the cabinet, otherwise, the bag is easy to mold

1. Leather bag

Leather handbag is generally made of cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin, PVC material, deerskin, and other materials. This kind of handbag should not be cleaned by itself and should be cleaned in a professional handbag shop.

2. Suede bag

First, clean it with the usual cleaning method, and then you can use a warm solution to clean the plush part again. Be careful to turn the plush part up when drying. In case of rainy weather, it is best to use the dryer to dry, so as not to mold.

Handbags in addition to the above fabrics, fur, grass, and so on fabrics, such fabrics generally cannot be washed, available sponge or soft cloth along the direction of the texture to wipe off dust or a brown brush (short brush) to remove dust